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Do you think of going to bed immediately it starts raining hard? It is not by accident that you feel that. The rain and thunder sounds combined have a relaxing effect on your mind. Most of you probably don’t even consciously know that. But surely, you subconsciously know the feeling. Unfortunately, it does not always rain when you wish. You know, we, humans, have no control over rain patterns. Luckily, you can influence your timing of relaxation or sleep. This has been made possible through the Rain Time app which you can use to play the exact relaxing thunder and rain sounds or just rain sounds. You can download it to your phone or tablet, customize it and enjoy these sound effects and many more.

This app is available and compatible for devices that run on Android and iOS alone. This article provides a detailed guide on the rain time app for both android and iOS users.

For Android users:

Rain Time is a health and fitness app that is available for free on the Google Play Store in apk format. It works well on Android tablets and Smartphones but it could also work on Android TVs if you are a fan of smart TV technology. Whenever you feel worked up or just tired, you need to relax. Therefore, you could just download the app and play theme sounds such as rain sounds or throbbing river water sounds for relaxing. The app is relatively large so it needs enough storage space. You could play the sounds on loudspeaker or use headphones/earbuds.

You will feel your mood improving moment by moment because these sounds will seemingly take you to another world. You might also want to sleep during the day or night, whichever works well for you. Rain sound with thunder are the perfect theme sounds for sleeping. You could also apply theme sounds such as rain and thunder sounds, thunder and rain sounds, or just rain sounds. Even for those having insomnia, these sounds are your sleeping solution. Luckily, a wide range of Android devices today are operating on Android versions 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and above. About 4 out of five people are satisfied with the app’s utility.

For iOS users:

Rain Time is also available for free on the Apple App Store in ipa format. It is compatible with iPhones and iPads and not with MacBooks. Again, if you feel tired or moody, you need rain sounds for relaxing. The relaxation feeling is just one click away if you have your device with you. The app for iOS is even larger so you should ensure you have sufficient space for both download and installation. After you set it up on your phone, you are all set to start your relaxation journey. To listen to the sounds, you also need headphones/earbuds, or just use the device’s loudspeaker. As a result, you expect mood improvement. If you are having trouble sleeping, rain and thunder sounds will help you catch some sleep. Other appropriate sound themes for sleep are thunder and rain sounds or rain sound with thunder. Rain Time app is compatible with Apple devices running on iOS version 10.3 and above. Therefore, if are still using earlier iPhone models such as iPhone 5 and 6, you should update the iOS version to 10.3 if possible. If not, this app won’t work on your phone.

Why Rain Time time?

The Rain Time app ces with a range of features that all users can enjoy with ease. If you are wondering or confused on whether to download and install the Rain Time app then the features discussed here in will help you make a wise choice on the use of the app. Some of the top reasons why you need to install the app includes:

Thunder Therapy

Thunderstorm sounds help clear the mind and this is referred to as Thunder Therapy. It has become a trend. These sounds are some of the main sounds that come with the app. They originate from nature and natural stuff generally tends to agree with the human body. They give you restoration, relaxation and increased mind strength. The body, soul and mind are also soothed through thunder therapy. Thunder and rain sounds combined (rain stimulation), have an intense relaxing effect on your emotional wellbeing and life as a whole.

Extra features

Apart from rain and thunder sounds, the Rain Time app for both iOS and Android has extra features such as birds, crickets, waves, wind, frogs, traffic, rainforest, wind, fire, snow and train sounds. Clearly, it doesn’t have to be raining and thundering for you to get relaxed. Admittedly, the sounds can be frightening at times, especially if it is raining hard and violently. But if, for example, the rain is just falling lightly with, say, distant thunderstorms, this can calm the brain when you want to relax. It can also result to sleep, if the sounds continue for a considerably long time, such as 4 hours or more. There is also the aspect of the timer, simple design, background pictures, and sound volume regulator.

Wide variety of sounds

Apart from the thunder and rain sounds, the above extra sounds are available to broaden the scope of relaxation for a wide range of people. The app is generally large because it contains all these features; it needs adequate phone storage space. The premium version of Rain Time app has even more relaxing sounds and you can mix them all up.

The Rain Time app avails a range of health benefits. For those who have been wondering how to deal with anxiety, insomnia, and any other mood disorders, the Rain Time is here to save you trips to the doctor. The app is available for all users and you do not need to worry of any charges while downloading the app. Anyone can freely download and install the app from the play store. It is also simple to operate as there are no complex procedures required in running the app.


Trouble with sleep

Many people may have some trouble falling asleep. Even though there are many different apps out there that are easily accessible, Rain Time tends to be one of the best. You can download it on both Android and Apple iPhones. White noise tends to help when you are feeling anxious or stressed out and can’t sleep. Rain Time can help anyone fall into a calm and deep sleep. The best part about this beautiful app is that it is free to download with many low-cost subscriptions to choose from. This means no more paying a high price for a white noise app to give you the relief of stress and anxiety you deserve. Many people can easily fall asleep to the sound of rain, and this app can help.

After a hard day at work or even school, you may want nothing more than to relax and be able to fall asleep. Rain Time offers rain sounds and other white noise to help calm your mind and body. You can configure four different themes for a great night’s rest. Rain Time gives you the option to choose between classic, lake, forest, or city. Rain Time also offers different features such as simple designs, background pictures, timers, and volume regulators for specific sounds.

There are also various sounds to choose from:

  • rain
  • storm
  • birds
  • crickets
  • windy
  • traffic
  • frogs
  • storm
  • rain forest

There are various tools that Rain Time provides to people that can help are useful for any condition. Maybe you may just be looking for an app to give you some peace, or you may perhaps only be looking for something to help put you to sleep. Rain Time is beneficial for all of these things. For example, some people may find the sound of rain soothing. You don’t have to wait until it rains to gain that sense of relief because Rain Time provides it for you. It contains many different sounds that can distract you from what is going on outside. Rain sound and thunder is another active white noise that is featured only on the Rain Time app.

You can’t create your own outdoor experience without using Rain Time. Once you download it on your phone, you can use it right away. It’s excellent for meditation or suitable for a quick nap. Rain Time also provides a sense of aura to help ease any upcoming worries for the day. There is only one way to feed your emotional well being.


PRO version of Rain Time app:

There are also a few different subscriptions you can take advantage of with the Rain Time app. You can also choose to put your payment method on auto-recurring for either one week, one month, or three months. It will cost about $0.99 per week, $1.99 per month, or $2.99 for three months. This is a lot cheaper than any other app that you can download for relaxation. You can also take advantage of a pro version that includes: more sounds and a sound mixer. The audio mixer allows the user to add different tones of their choice for an all-in=one. One thing to keep in mind is that prices may vary if you reside in other countries. This is the exact pricing for United States customers only. Upon payment confirmation, your charge will appear in your iTunes account, or Google Play Store account for those that own Android devices. Your subscription will renew automatically unless you turn that feature off. You will then be given the option to manually pay to continue enjoying the benefits that Rain Time has to offer.

You don’t necessarily have to use this app for a healing purpose. You can use Rain Time for fun. Other people need to rely on white noise to help them fall asleep at night for various reasons. It could be because they are overwhelmed, have a lot on their mind, or they can be suffering from a sleep disorder such as insomnia. The white noises that are included with this app can help no matter what you are using it for. It’s excellent for use both in the morning and at night.

White noise is great for concentration, meditation, sleep for both adults and babies, and everyday impact. You can take Rain Time with you for a ride when you travel on the airplane. Sometimes earplugs alone won’t block out enough noise. Many people become anxious when flying, and that’s where Rain Time steps in to provide you the right amount of white noise to help keep you calm and relaxed. Everyone may know how important it is to maintain control of your emotional and mental health. By doing so, your body will reap the rewards. It’s essential to take control of your health once and for all. When you can’t fall asleep or stay asleep, it will affect your health. When you are stressed from work or worried about something, it can have a significant effect on your health as well. Rain sounds for sleeping can change that and help you finally get the rest your body deserves. Falling asleep is one thing, but being able to stay asleep is another. Even if you do end up waking up in the middle of the night, you will always be able to reset and fall back asleep by changing to a different white noise option on the app.


Rain Time can help shut down your busy brain and help you to feel a lot more refreshed. If you are looking for a great white noise app to download, you should consider downloading Rain Time. Rain sound and thunder are just a couple of options offered. You can also take advantage of waves, birds, crickets, and even traffic. It depends on what your preference is and what can help you. Download Rain Time, choose one of the subscriptions that are most suitable for you, and you can begin to enjoy all that this beautiful app has to offer.

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  • Basic themes: Classic, Lake, Forest, City.